Sightseeing to brag about !!

Mr. Red gave “yours truly,” and another lady resident, Shawna, a memorable tour of sights in Central Texas. Not my kind of sport so I did not know about the Barefoot Ski Ranch. When someone says “ski” I think of mountains and snow. “Ski” on flat land in extreme heat? “Barefoot” should have been a clue but I didn’t make the obvious connection. Wow, what an interesting sports center!!! A few miles down the road, we drove around the grounds of the Methodist Boy’s Ranch. We did NOT see the Methodist Children’s Home (in Waco) but I’ve attached the link to an interesting bit of history. On our sightseeing trip, we saw lots (and lots) of cattle and hundreds of WINDMILLS. In this part of Texas, there is no shortage of “wind” and “solar.” Our tour guide, “Mr. Red,” (owner and manager of our RV Park) told very interesting stories about “this ranch.” or “that home,” and Mount Carmel where cult leader David Koresh and his followers died. We were riding down the old Stage Coach road, and we were adjacent to the old railroad track that experienced the 1918 Camp MacArthur Troop Train Derailment.  ~~~ Then we went to Christi’s in Bellmead (Waco) for the best burgers in Texas. (The red dot is Concord Estates RV Park.)

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