Very expensive afternoon !!

My TV and WiFi stopped functioning just before noon. I phoned Spectrum and was told there was an outage in my area. I decided that was an indication I was supposed to leave home and take care of some neglected projects. I went to the Post Office and mailed the two heavy boxes. It cost $43.40 to send the “box of rocks” (18 lbs) to the Brethren Heritage Center. The second box (26 lbs) was less expensive ($18.94) because it could go “library rate” because all books and literature.

Next stop: Walmart, to order new glasses. Walmart is approximately four miles from home and the “cheaper” glasses establishments are fifteen or twenty miles away. I did not want that trip in horrible Waco traffic. My new glasses cost almost $500.00. That was a shocker!! ~~ I shopped Walmart but did not buy a lot of groceries. The most expensive item was the $45.00 vacuum cleaner. See the package of toilet tissue? That is Walmart brand and cost $14.74. ~~ Because I’ve enjoyed a cleaner carport, and porch, and area in front of the trailer home, I’m planning to work toward “cleaner” inside my trailer home (thus the vacuum cleaner. I left an excellent compact-size vacuum with the 5th-wheel trailer when I sold it.)

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