“Little things mean a lot”

I went to bed but couldn’t go to sleep!! The computer was begging for attention. Quite unexpectedly, I found the “George Grisso Story” as a “source” and I’m delighted that “taggartclan” added it to Ancestry.com.


Postscript @ 2:55 AM: “Published” at 12:55 AM and that discovery led to two more hours documenting the Grisso family related to “taggartclan.” ~~ Now I’m heading to bed because I ran out of information. I speculate the owner of “taggartclan” is my sixth cousin one-time removed.


Postscript @ 4:30 AM: I went to bed at three and I’m still awake at four-thirty. I’m “up” because Mother Nature called. Believe me, I long for a good night’s sleep (and legs that don’t hurt, and less pain in my gut). Not complaining; always grateful for my many blessings!!

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