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The following narrative was titled “Unraveling tangled relationships”  and was attached to the individuals in my Ancestry family tree. Many individuals were researched before the “tangled relationships” were outlined on scratch paperand later documented for the benefit of future researchers.

This is an interesting observation by an astute Frantz-family researcher. The name “Rachel Bull” was first observed while documenting George Grisso in the 1870 Federal Census. No relationship listed for Rachel (while looking at George Grisso’s record). Later, it was noted that Rachel Huffman Bull was the sister of George Grisso’s first wife Eve Huffman (1815-1866). In the transcribed record for the 1870 Federal Census, Rachel is listed as “domestic servant.” More specifically, Rachel was George Grisso’s sister-in-law. Rachel’s daughter Esther J Bull (1850-  ) is listed as a “domestic servant” in the 1870 Federal Census, in the home of Catherine Huffman Mellinger but Esther J. Bull is the niece of Catherine Huffman.

Hours of research did not reveal additional information for Emma Bull. Here are the “comments” listed with Emma.

The 1870 Federal Census lists her age as “two.” George Bull died in 1851. Perhaps Emma Bull was a granddaughter? ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards researching on 20 Sep 2021) ~~ ADDITIONS & CORRECTIONS WELCOME ~~

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Speculation: Perhaps Esther J. Bull (1850- ) was her mother and not her sister. Speculation: Emma was with her grandmother for the 1870 Federal Census while Esther J. Bull was a “domestic servant” in another home. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Sep 2021) ~~
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Postscript at 5:30 PM: Information was searchedand documentedand images were prepared. Many of my questions remain unanswered. When I can’t locate information In Ancestry, I turn to FamilySearch. Today, FamilySearch was a disappointment.


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