Wish I could do more !!

There was a time when I was “a volunteer” at several organizations (one at a time 🙂 ). I gladly shared my time and talent. Now, the Coronavirus, isolation, and old age keep me at home. I pray my passion for genealogy is a gift “that keeps on giving.” ~~ Remember my project earlier this year? I regularly revisit that “tree” looking for the valuable information that supports the identity of a great-grandfather. ~~ Every week I answer questions from other subscribers to Ancestry.com. I’m an editor, and contributor, to other Ancestry trees, and that documentation (those numbers) are not reflected when I publish my milestones. Having said all that, I feel like “my arms are too short.” I wish I could do more to help victims of fires, hurricanes, flooding…  I was trained by Samaritan’s Purse for disaster relief; I had my bag packed, ready to go… Also: Volunteer with Habitat For Humanity.


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