“September to remember?” Adversely!!

Adversely!! (See my earlier message.) It’s been said, “We had a mild summer.”  If that’s the case, I don’t want to experience an extreme summer!! I’m a Texas resident and I may seeand hearnews that doesn’t reach other states. “Extreme”  conditions along the Texas border!! Have you seen the pictures of thousands of migrants, in this heat, without sanitation, food, and water? One can only imagine the hardships of the long walk just to get to the United States. I can’tand won’tcomplain about my situation. It’s six in the morning and I’m sitting in my air-conditioned living room, after a night in a comfortable bed. I have food and water–and clean clothes. Imagine migrants with only the clothes on their back.

I’ll be honest: When I started this message, I was about to “complain” about my health problems. However, my kind, loving Heavenly Father (God) reminded me of my immeasurable blessings “pressed down, overflowing.”

Sending “happy thoughts” to my readers.

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