Never, never a stopping point !!

I’m not finished with yesterday’s research project. It’s just past midnight of a new day and I should be asleep in bed. “Never a stopping point.”  Creating a “cousin marriage” chart is very time-consuming!! First I see that the bride’s maiden name is the same as her husband’s.  Then document the parents, grandparents, etc., until I have the common ancestor. Yesterday, the cousin marriage AND a man with three wives, and the wives had two or three husbands (one at a time). Try sorting all that out. It was interesting because a lot of the documentation listed locationsin Californiathat I am very familiar with. So I was “time-traveling”; I put myself in those locations with pleasant memories. Several of the folks are buried in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery, LaVerne, Los Angeles County. I walked every inch of that cemetery  (time and time again) as I documented more than 3,000 tombstones. I published the information in 1989. ~~ I planned to check my email before going to bedand found two new obituaries. Without a doubt, they are “extended family” members. They will have to wait until later today.

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