“Kith & kin”

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, this researcher enjoys “fitting” the family together. Decades ago, “cousins” shared their information as I prepared the book titled FRANTZ  FAMILIES–KITH & KIN. Now I can share with other “kith and kin.”  That’s the comment I attached to the image, in Ancestry. Believe it or not, I am still documenting the extended families of John Bowman (the tombstone death date discrepancy was noted in an earlier blog message). These families are closely knit together and “there is never a stopping point.” ~~~ When blessed with a new obituary, I don’t stop with the individual and his/her immediate family. I “climb the tree” because “these families are closely knit together.” ~~ (FYI: I haven’t gotten to the newest obituaries yet.)

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