That proverbial “tiger by the tail”…

…and can’t let go.

Quite possibly, one hundred (or more) individuals added to my Ancestry databaseand a thousand (or more) “sources.” I cannot ignore errors when they come to my attention!! I inadvertently made the same mistake (initially) because four individuals with almost identical birth and death dates. Yes, I caught my error but it has been time-consuming to research and document two marriages, two women named Martha Frantz and two men named Jacob Frantz (and fifteen children). ~~ Check my blog titled God’s gift.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4:30 PM and I’ve still got that tiger by the tail. Here is the message (“comment” from four years ago) that I have with the father of one of my recent research project individuals:

Seriously, the Frantz/Brubaker/Blocher marriages were a nightmare to unravel. Somewhere in the past, I copied from another Ancestry Family Tree. It contained many errors so (recently) I spent days working with the **sources** for these several families. I believe my information is completely accurate. ~~ With time, I’ll add more references to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin with volume and page number. ~~ Suggestion to fellow researchers: Check and double-check dates. Don’t ascribe the birth of a child to a wife that is dead. Don’t have the same individual child listed two or three times under the parents. (Example: Two… named Noah, one name Elias and one named Eli but both Elias and Eli have the same birth date.) ~~ Forgive me for preaching but I get so frustrated with the errors!! ~~ My method of research: Only use “sources”; ignore the Ancestry Member Trees. Or, when all else fails, use the Ancestor Member Tree for reference information (write it on a piece of paper). Then search for birth, marriage, death, Census, etc. ~~ In my humble opinion, NEVER import Ancestry Member Tree data into your personal database. (Mine might be the exception? )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s a conspiracy? I see obvious errors every time I compare “mine with theirs.” I “compare”  because I may see a name, or date, I want to explore. I scribble the information on everready scratch paper. Then I use Ancestry’s  search features…

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