God’s gift !!

Yesterday, while documenting a branch of the Frantz family tree, I came across Nora B. Frantz (1890-1979). Alarm bells went off in my mind: “She doesn’t belong to that family” (the family that a “hint” was suggesting). This morning, I did a search and began to document her family. Here is her father, and father’s father, etc.

Look: Jacob is my third cousin three times removed. I’ll spare the reader the details about how “we” got here at 4:35 on a Wednesday morning in August. ~~~~ I’m praising God, my Heavenly Father, for the gift of a remarkable memory for members of my enormous forest of family.


Postscript: Curiosity prompted me to explore for information hidden on branches of the trees. I found “comments” that revealed I documented these families in early November 2020 (nine months ago). ~~ Failing eyesight but sharp memory! Praise God!!

Even later postscript: My mindand my memoryquestioned the close cousin relationship. Another problem?? Our “close” relationship is through my grandmother Traxler and not through grandfather Frantz. How interesting.

. . . . . . . . Lorraine . . . . . . .

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