The Lone Ranger ?

Masks indoors and outdoors?? That’s the new normal? I’m not nearly as handsome as “the Lone Ranger,” and I can’t ride a horse and shoot a gun.  I’m pretty good at “climbing trees” but I’m really confused with one individual. I’m “the lone researcher” because I can’t locate another Ancestry subscriber who has researched this woman; her name is listed but details are lacking. For me, this is so frustrating because she appears to belong to a different set of parents. I’ve searched every imaginable way for information. I’ve added the siblings; I’ve added parents and grandparents. Quite possibly one-hundred (or more) individuals added to my tree–and hundreds of “sources.” The two men who might be her father are not siblings so not a case of the niece visiting in the other home at the time of the 1900 Federal Census. (1900 Federal Census for one family but unable to locate for the other family.)

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