How do you spell detective ??



An entire day was spent researching and documenting this family. These images were prepared in an effort to correctly record the children. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles took seven children into their homes after the death of their mother. Many subscribers to listed incorrect relationships. (Why don’t they look at the records?)


I was feeling good about my detective skills until I encountered a MAJOR discrepancy. I don’t have a subscription to sites with obituaries so I reached out to the cousin who showers me with obituary information. Within a couple of hours, I received a copy of the newspaper obituary I requested. I was astonished to see that it contradicts the information I have documented with sources. This reminds me of Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone. ~~~ It’s midnight and I’ve been researching this family for fifteen hours!! Time to go to bed but my mind will be wide awake attempting to resolve the peculiarities.

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