Around and around it goes…

…and where it stops nobody knows!!

Above is a screen capture of another Ancestry member tree. Here is the message I sent to the cousin who brought this to my attention nine days ago. (Here is the link to my earlier message.)

Dear sixth cousin, Linda. When I received an update a few minutes ago, from Ancestry (about additions to your tree), it prompted me to check your tree again. SINCERE THANKS for taking down the misinformation about Anna Catharina Frantz Wehunt. ~~ It has been more than one week and I am still searching for information to establish the parents of Anna Catharina Frantz. ~~~~ I can’t let go, I have a tiger by the tail. This is so frustrating to me because I’ve found that dozens of trees have the misinformation. ~~~~ The woman that started all this… has a “private” tree and won’t share her information with me. She advised me that she has reported me to Ancestry because my researching has invaded her privacy. You can read about my Anna Catharina experiences on my blog titled Three Quarters And Counting ( ~~ Again SINCERE THANKS for removing a connection to Magdalena Zug and Michael Frantz. ~~~ Very best wishes from Lorraine Frantz Edwards.

I confess to an insane drive to locate the parents of Anna Catharina Frantz. It’s a much cooler day and I should be working on downsizingin the carportbut I’m still searching, still documenting, STILL SITTING. Around and around I go, and when I stop nobody knows.

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