Variety of activities #2

It’s impossible for me to “walk away” from the computer!!



Here is a copy of the message I sent to the woman who added the misinformation to her tree.

Dear 6th cousin Linda Jane Nalker ~~ I received notification this afternoon from Ancestry regarding your recent additions to your tree. Your information about Anna Catharina Frantz Wehunt may be correct BUT SHE IS NOT A PART OF THE MICHAEL FRANTZ & MAGDALENA ZUG FAMILY. PLEASE revisit your information and make corrections. If you are not familiar with the book, I refer you to FRANTZ FAMILIES–KITH & KIN, free on the Internet, (5,380 pages in three volumes regarding the Frantz family). There is particular emphasis on immigrant Michael Frantz and his descendants because he is my ancestor. My lineage goes back to Michael Frantz II two ways. ~~~~ I will research Anna Catharina “Katy” Frantz and thoroughly document her information. ~~~ Sending best wishes and “happy researching” from Lorraine Frantz Edwards.


Gospel truth: I spent about twenty hours researching and documenting the woman who is NOT my fourth great-grandmother. I refuse to allow that “misinformation” to spread throughout Ancestry family trees!! ~~ Too much sitting but “a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do.”


Postscript at 12:30 PM: I “stepped over the line” according to one Ancestry subscriber. I shared too much personal information as I labored to refute inaccurate details.

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