Dueling women !!

Consider me childish (?) but I am using this (my “journal”) as the location to save communication from another subscriber to Ancestry.com. My reply was sent prior to noon. ~~ Yes, Rita misspelled my name. ~~ Yes, I created the images and they are on Ancestry for everyone to see.

Lorriane, I don’t think you have digested anything that I have ever said, but I will try again. I don’t and never have questioned your many years of research or knowledge of the Franz/Frantz family in Pennsylvania. What I told you early on is that I don’t give any stock to what people put on Ancestry Trees. These novice genealogists (that I call “Archie Bunker” family researchers) who put stuff on Ancestry, think they are smarter than researchers who have researched for years, then they are not interested anymore, but their misinformation that you keep referring to is still there. What I also told you early on is that I mainly work now with DNA. My brother and I have Y-DNA and mt-DNA profiles on FamilyTree DNA. We also have profiles on Ancestry DNA, but be aware that Ancestry-DNA is Anasomal “Family Finder” DNA. On Ancestry DNA I have matches with numerous Frantz/Franz connections. Just to name a few that are mainly in Europe: Conrad Franz in Austria; Endriss Franz , his daughter Margaretha Frantz born 1449 in Switzerland;Hans Lehman 1430 Switzerland; Hiklausm Hirschi (Hershey) in Europe, and dozens of others in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and other places. Several Franz/ Frantz profiles in Alsace. I suppose you and I don’t match on Ancestry because the distance of the connection? Because, I definitely match with the Frantz/Franz family on Ancestry. I have never claimed to be an expert on the Frantz/ Franz family, but I do know DNA and German speaking parts of Europe. My daughter is arriving back from Germany and Alsace, France today as we speak after a year of not being able to travel. My brothers, sisters and I are only several generations removed from Germany. We also have many, many other immigrant German ancestors that have little connection to Anna Catharina and Friederich Wehunt, so our DNA is quite revealing. I am sorry that we were not able to work together. I think we could have gotten a lot accomplished, but you seem to be hung up on what people have put on AncestryTrees and not pure research. Mange Tagg for your reply. Rita

10:47 AM


Thank you for the informative message, Rita. I would love to work with you. My primary concern is Anna Catharina Frantz listed as the daughter of Michael Frantz and Magdalena Zug. Do you have sources for that relationship??? It appears on the Find A Grave for John Wehunt. I think I have a screen print of the information (as published) in the Gallery for John Wehunt. I’ve researched… and forget what I have and where it is. It is my hope that we can resolve the identity of the parents of Anna Catharina Frantz. ~~~ Respectfully, Lorraine Frantz Edwards




Earlier blog messages titled Never a stopping point and Rattled her cage. Actually, if the reader will scroll back they will find this one and several others.


Yesterday, in my Ancestry database, I reviewed 2,417 individuals with the “Frantz” surname. I was looking for anyone linked to Adams County, Pennsylvania. There were only seven (7) and nothing to remotely connect them with Anna Catharina Frantz.

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