Rattled her cage !!

Should I be happy?

Ancestry.com has flooded my mailbox with comments by “the other woman.” She and I have a difference of opinion regarding the parents of Anna Catharina Frantz Wehunt. Rita is criticizing the information I listed for her Wehunt family. Hey, I was using the “hints” provided by Ancestry. It’s 10:00 and I’ve been researching, and documenting, since about seven o’clock. I’ve been “polishing” the article regarding Michael Frantz and Magdalena Zug. I’m sharing the information with interested “cousins” and will post it at a later date.

Rita has a “private” tree on Ancestry and does not share her information with other researchers. However, she has a very “public” image. Apparently, she is the author of several books. Here’s one–for sale–about her ancestors. The Internet indicates her phone number is 704-435-9783.

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