Yesterday’s challenge

Honestly, too much time sitting at the computer. I was contacted for Frantz family information and it led to numerous email messages and a lot of research!! After hours of “swinging from branch to branch,” I’m satisfied with the documentation. Here is a copy of the “story” I wrote and posted.

This Frantz family researcher (Lorraine Frantz Edwards) faced a challenge: Who were the parents of Hollis C. Frantz? Christian Frantz (1805-1890) and Catherine Trout (1811-1898) were listed in my tree (and a number of other Ancestry Member Family Trees). I was contacted by another subscriber (Frantz researcher) and we exchanged information. He identified Hollis C. Frantz’ parents as John W. Frantz (1833-1925) and Catharine Ziegler (1839-1860). This researcher requires sources and “might makes right”–majority of Ancestry Members–doesn’t mean accurate.  John W. Frantz appears in the 1860 Federal Census and it has been assumed that Hollis Frantz is his baby brother. The question in my mind: “If John and his wife were living with his parents (Christian Frantz and Catharine Trout), why isn’t his wife listed?” Answer: Catherine Ziegler Frantz passed away on 23 Mar 1860, shortly after the birth of Hollis, and before the 1860 Federal Census enumeration on 31 July 1860. Diligent research continued and eventually the statement “Hollis was raised by his paternal grandparents” –in this source: . (Copy the link and paste it into your browser.)  Regrettably, Find A Grave increased the erroneous information because it lists John W. Frantz as a sibling of Hollis C. Frantz.

This research experience explanation is for the benefit of family members who are likewise confused. ~~ Lorraine Frantz Edwards with Ancestry Lorraine Frantz Family Tree.

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Another “challenge”: Sit less, walk more. I **did** walk more and I counted my steps. I walked around the Park before 8:00 AM while it was still cool. I regret the fact that “the gizmo” documents far fewer steps than my count. When my count was 400, “the gizmo” registered 234. Riding my three-wheel bike doesn’t register but (to my credit) I wrote the bike after a brief rainstorm that cooled the air. I think I’ll get out my pedometer….

Benefits of walking

Monday morning postscript: For my world “accuracy” is paramount. Truth be told: The blog message (above) was written yesterday and scheduled for today. Evidence: Look at the date on the picture.-~~ If I still had access to my clipart, I’d put a smiley face here. The clipart is on the “old” laptop computer. I’m using a sixteen-month-old desktop computer because my “old” eyes do much better with a large screen monitor.




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