Shame, shame, shame on Lorraine

There was a time when “proofreading” was my job and I received a paycheck for the meticulous task. Proofreading has served me well over the years because errors seem to leap off the page and grab my attention. Not today!! I could not believe I made a mistake three times!!

True confession: I had already attached the chart to Annabelle when I noticed that “branches” was misspelled. So I corrected the error and published the corrected chart.  OMG, “to” was listed two times. Third times a charm?? Here is a copy of the “comment” attached to the chart:

It is important (to me) to document the intertwined families. Annabelle Grisso is my 5th cousin, Catherine Frantz (married to George Grisso) is my 1st cousin 5x removed, and Sarah Saloma Frantz (married to John Grisso) is my 3rd great-grandaunt.


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