Sitting at the computer ALL DAY is about the extent of my planned activity. “Sititis” isn’t a real word–it’s just a made-up expression for an old lady who is exhausted. I did a Google search to see **if** a real word and here is the link that came up. If **you** click the link and read the message, you will see alarm bells ringing for Lorraine.

Here is information about the Mother’s Day gift I gave myself. When I attempted to set it up, I had an unpleasant experience with Customer Service. I put the purchase on the shelf and almost forgot about it. About thirty-six hours ago, Lively (former GreatCall) contacted me (via text message) asking me to “push the button and activate the Wearable2.” I retrieved the purchase and pushed the buttonand explored the features. Last night I reviewed the features and found that I walked 234 steps. That was a shock because I thought I was reasonably active on “Fry-day.”

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