Pat on the back ??

First, I updated the maps on my eleven-year-old Garmin. Then I sat in the cool comfort of my living room, consulted the Internet, and entered the names and addresses of establishments I want to visit. Of number one importance: The address of the doctor where I have an appointment on July 9th. (Several acquaintances recommend her and I’ve been waiting more than two months for this appointment.)  Into the Garmin, I programmed addresses for Thrift Stores and Antique Shops. “DOWNSIZING” IS ON MY MIND!! ~~ A portion of my day was spent sorting old genealogy and, frankly, I’m afraid I won’t live long enough to get everything transcribed to my Ancestry family tree. That’s a lot of typing–and a lot of sitting–and (for the sake of my health) I need more exercise!! It’s 4:40 in the afternoon and my gizmo says I’ve only walked 113 steps. Yipes!! ~~ Why don’t I consult my Smartphone for locations? I’m “old-school” and want the directions on the screen on the dashboard of my 2006 KIA. Yes, newer vehicles have their GPS installed in the dashboard. Everything I own is old!! ~~~~ Lament: Six new obituaries (in two days) and they beg my time and attention.

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