Donna Quixote

Fighting windmills?! Below is an illustration of a “challenge” I find almost every day.  Yes, I covered the name of the culprit. There’s a feature in Ancestry where I can compare my file (my individual) against that of other members. I shook my head in disbelief because “the culprit” didn’t see the duplication of information. ~~ Personally, I’m a novice when it comes to creating a collage. To capture the entire image, I had to “screen capture” three times. So I, too, have the duplication of Jacob. ~~ I wrote a polite note to “the culprit”–one of many “polite notes” I send to folks with an obvious problem.  ~~ In this case, this is the husband of my great-grandaunt so, for my part, I’m fighting for 200% accuracy!!

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