Never give up, never give up !!

I have to lecture myself to “NEVER GIVE UP” because it feels like I’m walking through wet cement. The weather is so hot (82 degrees outdoorshot and humidat 8:40 AM). I don’t have the needed energy to work in the garden–or work on “downsizing.” The only thing I’m good at (imho) is family history. Yesterdayfor many hoursI was attempting to accurately document a great-grandauntand it was mental gymnastics!! Finally, I found the marriage records with three husbands but only “by God’s grace.” The spelling of the three surnames had seven alternate spelling! ~~~ Speaking of spelling: Did you see my spelling error? I was “so tired” last night (when I prepared those images), I typed “fifth” rather than “fifty.” It will require too much energy for me to “redo” that image. To err is human…”

Speaking of “mental gymnastics,” Ancestry is constantly making changes to their program; I’m always challenged as I maneuver around. Here is an example of a change that I dislike!! I preferred the total number of individuals at the top of the page rather than the bottom of the page. The provider for my blog messages makes changes, too, and limits my efforts!! “Never give up….”

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