Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday

Five AM as I start this message. I experienced a restless night with very little sleep. This is my journal and “I’ve gotta be honest.”  I’m scared about my “Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow.” (Yes, I reversed the words in the title. I ended yesterday’s blog message with “tomorrow.” Tomorrow is today.)

Partly a praise report: I’m grateful a neighbor noticed the battery cable stretched out in my carport and he took the time and energy to get my KIA started. He drove my car like a maniac; I was terrified we would have an accident. I’ve owned the KIA for fifteen years and it has NEVER been driven so fast!!

I have a terrible headache. “Is something wrong with my head?”  I’m all alone; what if I have a health problem? The Coronavirus pandemic came upon us before I got established here in Waco, Texas. I don’t have a doctor. Under “normal” circumstances, I would have seen an optometrist and gotten new glasses. (I accidentally sat on my glasses a year ago….) Under “normal” circumstances I wouldn’t be a “scaredy-cat.” I would have driven to a beauty salon and gotten a haircut. This long, stringy hair is driving me crazy! (My dear friend, Deb, sent “barber sheers” but I’m afraid to cut my own hair.) ~~ All my adult life, I have been a strong, self-sufficient person. I hate the person I’ve become!! This is my journal and “I’ve gotta be honest.”

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