Happy Birthday Waco — One-hundred-seventy-two-years.

Happy Birthday Larry: My brother is three years and four days younger. He would be eighty-three; he has been deceased for many years.

“Cognitively impaired”  is a term frequently used to describe President Joe Biden. “Cognitively impaired” is a term your blogger is forced to label herself. This is so frightening!! For many years, my prayer has been “Father, please, please allow me the benefit of a ‘sharp mind.'”  I don’t think my Father God has ignored my prayer; I believe the year of Coronavirus isolation took a toll. Yes, the Coronavirus is experiencing a one-year anniversary.

My use of the computer started “in the dark ages” of personal computers. Every few years, I “traded up” to the newest system. Truth be told: “Traded up” until Windows-10. I was–and am–very happy with Windows-7. This past year, it has been a struggle to navigate Windows-10 on the new desktop computer. (The past couple of months, it has been a struggle to navigate a Smartphone.) ~~ A picture of me with my “luggable computer” in 1989.

Texas has “opened up” and things are geared to “go back to normal.” I’m still a scaredy-cat  and reluctant to leave home.

For many years, I earned a paycheck as a “proofreader.” I instantly saw the error in the Maxine cartoon. Do you see it?  It’s encouraging (to me) to see that the proofreading skill hasn’t left me. I saw the Maxine cartoon while looking for the clipart addressing “Old age is not for wimps.”


Just discovered: The car battery is dead. A year of neglect!!  Over the months, I have regularly started the KIA and let it run for twenty minutes or half-an-hour. It started for me after the miserable Texas storm and the hard freeze (less than three weeks ago). This afternoon, no response! Truthfully, I was ready to follow the instructions of a dear friend (Deb) and drive East on the open highway. “Too little, too late.”


Your blogger friend was NOT “cognitively impaired”  when she let the KIA registration lapse. The Texas driver’s license has expired, too, but I have an appointment in late-April (their date, I had no choice). Remember, I’m a scaredy-cat so I would have been breaking the law “driving East on the open highway.”

One comment on “Miscellaneous

  1. Carol Chapman says:

    I have a sign that says “”Old age comes at a bad time”

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