Keeping my fingers crossed !!

One major concern: Getting pictures from March 2013 to March 2021 off of the very old laptop computer to the desktop computer–and later to a separate extension hard-drive. I recently subscribed to Mylio and began the transfer. I received error messages and the old laptop came to a screeching halt. Because the old laptop is faltering functioning, I’ve returned to the challenge and have my fingers crossed that all will happen without more problems. Then the additional challenge of retrieving pictures–from earlier yearsfrom “the cloud.”


I found this among my pictures.


It’s a miracle!?! ~~ I feel an urgency to watch the second download of pictures (because the desktop computer goes to sleep if no typing or wiggling the mouse). Now I’m seeing pictures from earlier yearsprior to the purchase of the Canon camera in 2013. I’ll never know for certain but I suspect Mylio is so smart it has “miraculously” gone to “the cloud” and is importing those pictures. Eventually (hopefully) a smooth transition of the pictures to an external drive exclusively for my pictures. I’m able to update this blog message on the old laptop while “keeping an eye” on the screen for the desktop computer. So amusing to see those early pictures. ~~~~ Same monotonous subject matter, year after year (indoor-outdoor thermometer 4 Mar 2015 & 4 Mar 2021). ~~~~ I’m enjoying a “trip down Memory Lane.”


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