Insomnia is the subject of a blog message by a dear friend. “Insomnia” is something this old lady struggles with. Last night–for example–I got less than four hours of sleep. OMG, I’m dragging this morning!! There are so many projects I want to accomplish and I’m too lethargic. ~~ “Old age” is a bummer!! Failing eyesight, hard-of-hearing, lack of sleep…

Read the blog message by my friend. (She mentions me.)

Oh yes, “computer problems,” too!! There was a time when I could navigate the hardware and software problems. Now, computers are more complicated and it feels like I am wading through just-delivered wet cement.


When the owner-manager called to check on me, I lamented that my three-wheeler used to “fly” but now my legs can hardly peddle. He suggested the tires may need air.  Heand his helpersworked on the bike and  now I am “soaring.” Guess the problem: The brakes were locked!! True story: No wonder it was so difficult to peddle. (Question: Did the brakes “freeze up” due to the freezing weather?)

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