Home sweet home

Home again after twenty-two hours at the home of the owners-managers. The power was “out” at their home but they have a wonderful propane heater that doesn’t operate with a fan. My propane furnace depends on electricity to circulate the air. I look at the weather situation as a “God-sent blessing.” I was able to visit with my host and hostess “face to face.” I’ve been isolated for so long, “visiting” was therapy for this depressed old lady!! Honestly, I shouldn’t say “God-sent blessing” because many deaths AND COMPLETE LOSS OF THE ORANGES CROP!! The freeze this year will also affect next year’s crop.  ~~ “A friend of the Park” had a major traffic accident near the RV Park and it “totaled” his pickup truck and he was in the hospital.

I’ve been living in this RV Park for thirteen-and-one-half months and I met the wife for the first time. “Mrs. Red” takes care of the bookkeeping in her home office while “Mr. Red” takes care of maintenance, etc,, etc., at the three RV Parks. OMG, “Mrs. Red” and I had heart-warming conversations. At every turn, we have similar interests: Essential oils, decorating the home with old-fashioned items, and memorabilia. (Like several of my former homes.) Also “faith and family.”

“Once in one-hundred-twenty-year  [cold weather] event”  according to a news conference with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Propane companies are not making deliveries. Road conditions are so hazardous “they” say an accident would be like “setting off a bomb.”  ~~ Mr. Red said he went “across town” for propane–at the company.  Now, I have ample propane and the furnace will operate when we have electricity. ~~ I will never take “heat” for granted again!! Texas will make every effort to correct the problems!! Now a secondary problem: One-hundred-twenty counties under a “boil water notice.” So many people have had a trickle of water at their faucets, it has created this water safety problem.

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