Terrible freezing cold !!

Rushing to publish. My power was off from 7:00 PM Monday until 1:00 PM Tuesday!!! I was bundled up but terribly cold.


I was trembling with cold while bunded up with three pairs of socks in warm slippers; two pairs of gloves; warm clothes, warm robe, “slanket,” and goose-down sleeping bag. I was sitting in my easy chair with padded back at my back. ~~~ Then, separately, two neighbors came to check on me. One offered to take me to his trailer home but I declined. The second neighbor brought a propane heater and warmed my trailer. The owner-manager wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. He was planning to take me to his home. I was so glad (praise God) that the power came on (briefly??) and I could stay in my home. I’m so unattractive, I don’t want to be around people!!! Long dirty stringy hair; several days without a shower because “too cold.”  ~~~~~ Just touching base!! But I’ll return as power permits to add additional details.


Now, on my soapbox: I’ve been paying for GreatCall/Jitterbug “5-Star” service for seven years!! I’ve never needed it but a wise investment for an old lady. My “Smartphone” doesn’t hold a charge very long. It was thoroughly charged when I went to bed but dead at four-forty AM. I couldn’t call for help if I seriously needed it. I haven’t ventured outdoors but I speculate that my car will not start so I can’t drive myself in an emergency. ~~ Hey, I’m an old lady, and remember when we had oil lamps, kerosene heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces…; we had “landline” phones that didn’t demand daily charging.  ~~~ I was one of the four-million Texas residents without electricity. We have several more days of freezing temperature so I anticipate I’ll lose power again.

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