Can’t sleep, etc, etc.

The events in the news are so upsetting. I switch TV stations briefly and it is so negative. My arm and shoulder hurtand I can’t sleep!! ~~ FOX news and TBN are my TV of choice. ~~ Furthermore, I’m experiencing heartache for a friend who has a deteriorating dear old pet.


Five hours sleep: Ten ’til twelve and four ’til seven. Insufficient,,,


No, I’m not left-handed and I don’t have a “left-handed mug.” However, I’m forced to use my left hand because of pain in my right arm and shoulder. Very awkward!!


I’m afraid to use “too much water,” Remember my recent “goof”?? To shower or not to shower, that is the question. To do laundry or not to do laundry, that is the question.


At twelve-midnight, when I turned on the light, “unwanted guests.” I’ve been diligent about cleanliness and deterrents. “They” have been on the table with my computers. “How did they get up there?”  Before use, I have to wash previously washed dishes and silverware (in case “they” have been on them). “Paranoid” and “discouraged“!!  I’m not guilty of bringing home “unwanted guests” in grocery bags. Only two shopping trips in six months. “Where are ‘they’ coming from?”

Twelve-noon: Tired, etc., etc.

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