“Too soon old…

too late smart.”  Today, I was washing rocks AGAIN. I wanted to “put them away clean.”  I “hosed” the skirting around the porch and the sidewalk in front of the porch. After a stab at “making the yard beautiful,” I remembered a costly mistake. About one month ago, the grass in the yard was turning brown. For the first time, I set up the sprinkler and watered the grass. Day and night, the sprinkler delivered water to the brown grass. I used 18,000 gallons of water last month!! Mr. Red–owner-manager of the RV Park–came to me concerned that I had a water leak. “No, everything’s fine.” I’m allowed 2,000 gallons per month and the “overage” is terribly, terribly expensive. I haven’t received the bill yet–but several hundred dollars!! How quickly I forgot that I must curtail my water projects.

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