Eager to receive this recent purchase !!


It’s a “fire pit.”


These two, a different product but an example of our future fun.



“Mr. Red” is the owner-manager of the RV Park. “Yes,” he owns a 1940 Army Jeep. On the 4th of July, we went to a convalescent home and drove around it a dozen times waving and (hopefully) putting a smile on the resident’s faces. Then we drove through several shopping center’s  parking lots waving and shouting “Happy Independence Day.”

A Jeep fire pit was a gift on a TV program and my immediate thought “Gotta have it.” Social activities have been curtailed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, Mr. Red suggested we have a “fire circle” and roast marshmallows or hot dogs. As the weather gets cooler, perhaps the residents (of this RV Park) can be coaxed out.

“Mr. Red”and the residentshave been so good “to this old lady.”  It makes me so happy to share!!

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