Furnace one day and A/C next day ?

Not exactly!! Yesterday, I refused to turn on the furnace but today (at 3:55) I was forced to turn on the air-conditioner. This has been a strange dayout of the ordinary. The day started “deliciously” with a waffle, and social time, in the clubhouse (social distancing). Also a ride around the Park on the three-wheeler. Later, Mr. Red (owner-manager) fell off the three-wheeler and is scratched and bruised. He is forced to “stop” and rest. My injuries are slight: Pricked by thorns on the rose bush (while cutting off “dead heads”). Such a beautiful day: I felt compelled to work in the yard. My confusion is great: Why did my refrigerator-freezer stop working? Strange day events!! Strange indeed because I must “tidy up” my cluttered home and have it “presentable” when repairmen come (on Tuesday) to evaluate the refrigerator-freezer problem. Procrastinate no more!! I’ve ignored the clutter while “climbing the family tree” but I’m embarrassed to have someone else see my clutter!! Explanation and exclamation!!

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