Reminiscing ?!

Remember when I wrote about my garden? I would spend hours in the yard tending the plants. I miss my garden!! I “know” spending time outdoors enjoying fresh air and sunshine was good for me. The exercise was valuable. For several months, I have enjoyed neither. I have a pretty yard here in Waco; I have lots of blooms on lots of rose bushes. No maintenance required.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, I seriously considered starting veggies in my two Garden Towers. At my several yard sales (in Livingston), they didn’t sell… and I have more than $1,000.00 invested in them. I wasn’t going to donate them to a thrift shop!! But, as you know, I haven’t “shopped” and I need organic planter soil, etc., etc.  Here’s a link to the blog messages I prepared while using my Garden Tower.

You agree with me that I have been stuck in a rut? Too much sitting!! DEPRESSION AGGRESSION.


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