“Break time” !!

“Dr. Pepper”  time, thanks to my friend, Deb.

Storage unit is still disorganized. I need a “handyman.”



Despite coaxing and praying, the “Flair” refused to operate. I’ve loaned it many times and the last borrower failed to tell me it wasn’t working. So I made a second trip to the storage and retrieved the Fresh Air unit. With some coaxing, and praying, I have it positioned to (hopefully) kill the mold and mildew. ~~ The ionize process is reported to kill mold and mildew in the walls and places we can’t see and reach. With mold in the cupboard and drawers, I suspect there is mold in the wall also.



More story than you are interested in? Seventeen years ago I was an EcoQuest distributor. My son recruited me into the multi-level marketing program. I purchased more than $10,000.00 inventory (and pushed “Sonny” to a higher manager position with more commission). I had a kiosk in the Ontario Mills Mall (Ontario, California). A long drive from Lancaster, and long hours at the Mall. (“No, I didn’t make expenses.”) ~~~ A few months later I took my inventory to Quartzsite, Arizona, because RVers (by the thousands) spent their winter months there. For three months, I peddled my products.  🙂  The “Fresh Air” unit never sold and I’ve hauled it around for years.

Again, more story than you are interested in?? Here is a link to an article I published to the Internet. Several times a year I receive an email message from someone who read the article. This link to my original; I’ll look for the link on the web. ~~~ Here’s the link to one of the blog messages.

Too much information!!

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