Clean freak ?

Because I’ve been “climbing the family tree,” I’ve procrastinated regarding so many projects!! As an individual who has “practiced” health and nutrition half her lifetime, she knows better than to ignore mold and mildew. (“Practiced” but not perfect.) The heat from the hot water tank apparently stimulates the problem. For weeks, I’ve left the cabinet doors open. I’ve sprayed a so-called “remover.” Now the large door has been removed and a thorough cleaningand almost nothing will go back on the shelf. “Damp-Rid” has been effective but didn’t curtail the problem. Today, I could “climb the family tree” or “new tune in June.” Climb or clean because too hot to be outdoors. It already feels like a sauna outdoors and we may reach a “feels like” of 110 degrees. It is 93 degrees as I publish this at 11:15.


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