My “hiding place”

Decades ago, Corrie ten Boom told her story in a book titled The Hiding Place. Before that, we had Anne Frank and her Diary. Lorraine’s “hiding place” is spacious by comparison. My new (used) trailer is four times larger than the 5th-wheel trailer I lived in for six years. During this Coronavirus pandemic, I’m so grateful for my own washer and dryer so I don’t need to use a public laundry facility. God is so good!! I have a large fenced yard that requires very little maintenance. I have a large supply of “emergency food” purchased several years ago “in case” we experience another hurricane. ~~~ While I was praying and thanking my Heavenly Father for His provisions, I saw the similarity between my documentation during isolation and that of Corrie ten Boom and Anne Frank. My blog has very few readers (this is my “diary”) and my words won’t garner worldwide attention. Humor me?! I felt prompted to publish my praise for my Father God who has been providing for me. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, before this enforced isolation, He led me to a place where I have Godly neighbors. I could expand the list but “little is much when God is in it.”

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