Coining a new word ?

mounme  = most unusual message

Yesterday, a flying insect bit me!! Wasp or hornet, I don’t know. I can verify that the sting was extremely painful!! I suffered in silence; I didn’t tell my neighbors when they came to offer “another pair of hands” with the patriotic bottle display (pabodi). The bite is on my right hand near the thumb but (as you can see) I’m not letting it keep me from typing. I spent hours on the computer yesterday. This morning, my hand and arm are “itchy” and I can’t stop scratching!! An anti-itch cream doesn’t seem to be effective!! Worse today and if this persists I won’t be spending time on the computer.

“Most unusual message” intended to put a smile on your face!!

One comment on “Coining a new word ?

  1. Deb says:

    Not specifically for a wasp, but maybe some of these would help.

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