“Paint by number” illustration

A story idea I have been mulling over in my mind.


I want to paint a picture for you–a “paint-by-number” picture. I inherited a vast mansion (a castle). However, the mansion was sparsely furnished. The walls were there, the rooms were bare. I found myself with (in a manner of speaking) the paintbrush.

More than seventy-five-thousand names in a genealogy software database but very few “sources.” Brush-stroke by brush-stroke (keystroke by keystroke, on my computer) items are added to the new database (preserved on Ancestry.com).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ four examples ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Imagine for a minute, the length of time it takes to add those “hints” (those “sources”) to an individual. Multiply that by 75,000 individuals and the reader can understand the magnitude of the project. Eventually (“painting by number”) it will be a lush green tree.

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