One man’s family

Many years ago there was a radio program titled One Man’s Family.” I’ve spent an entire day with this “one man” and his family. As you look at the images, consider how complicated it was to sort out the wives. Searching “sources” for the children helped provide the answer to their mother. Frequently they appeared in Census records with the woman who was actually their step-mother. I love the “detective work” and this is my gift to future researchers of this branch of the family tree. (Comparing this with other Member Family Trees, I see careless mistakes. I strive for 200% accuracy! Because I see where “Member Family Trees” copy one another, I speculate “they” don’t spend an entire day accurately documenting the family structure.) ~~ This is one illustration of the “furnishings” added to “one-room” of the mansion I inherited. ~~ There is an “overlap” of images because (understandably?) too long for one illustration. ~~”One man’s family”: Father, mother, five wives, four children, two step-children, ten in-laws, and twenty-two sources. Lest I forget: Spouses and children of former wife’s subsequent marriage.  😉

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