Friends sharing my home !!

Let me introduce you to three of my companions. The big red dog was a recent purchase from a “Goodwill Outlet” here in Waco, Texas. He looked so sad and I thought I heard him say “Adopt me, take me home.”  The “Smiley Face” lion was an impulse purchase in Santa Anna, Texas, in 2014. I was attending the Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting. I’ve been collecting “Smiley Faces” for decades. The “hound dog” has been my joy since 2003. He was in an upscale boutique in Daleville, Virginia. I was doing genealogy research in the area and browsed stores occasionally (for diversion). “No, he’s too expensive”   was my first assessment. A couple of days later I returned and purchased. I gave him the name “Lord Botetourt”  because he was from Botetourt county, Virginia. The county got its name from Lord Botetourt. Not apparent in the picture but it’s a purse!! For many years “Lord Botetourt”  was by my side and my constant traveling companion.

I hope this puts a smile on your face. A message that doesn’t contains jokes or Maxine cartoons. This is my way of “reaching out” to friends and family during this horrific period of time in our nation’s history.

As I researched and prepared this message, a smile came to my face as I observed the location of the Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting. It is on Highway 84 between Santa Anna and Coleman, Texas. All these years later, now my address is Highway 84 in Waco, Texas.

This cute little bear was a gift on Valentine’s Day from the owner/manager of the RV Park–my new home. It came with a long-stem red rose!! I’m told he does this annually for all the lady residents.

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