DISH “dis”service!!

DISHTV disservice and Lorraine dissatisfaction. I’m madder than a wet hen!! I phoned right at 8:00 AM Central time because DISH opened at 9:00 AM Eastern time. I was on hold for fifteen minutes. I talked to “Becky” for fifteen minutes and then she hung up on me!! I spelled out all the details to her: (1) I called on December 20th to cancel TV service (in Livingston). I was told my account would be put on “pause” for three months and I’d be charged $5.96 per month. Yes, I was charged… but I called a couple of times to tell DISH to cancel my account. (2) “Becky” confirmed the records indicate I called on March 20th (just inside the thirty days required period of time). “Madder than a wet hen” because (3) I received an email telling me I’d be charged $101.92 on April 16th for resumed service (automatic charge to my Chase credit card). ~~~ I attempted to contact Chase but the estimated wait time “more than thirty minutes.” ~~~ I wonder how many other customers are “robbed” by DISHTV when a customer moves and they have automatic payment.


So mad… I spent half-an-hour going through the procedure to file (online) a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Next, I think I will file a complaint about Weebly because they canceled my website because the automatic renewal failed. Weebly did not contact me and I’ve been “sick” over the loss of the website (now restored a month later).  My credit card was changed because the earlier card was stolen!! I was not derelict about my responsibility to pay for the web service.

The physical move (from Livingston to Waco) was very stressful!! I don’t want these other complications in my life!!

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