Precious gifts !!

A week or more ago, I made a comment (on my blog) about searching for “Soft Soap” which I believed to be in the storage unit. I made another comment an hour ago in recent blog message. While I was preparing that recent message, United Parcel delivered two small packages to my porch. I didn’t even hear my motion-detector door-bell because I was focused on previous blog message. Imagine my delight to see the packages. A dear, dear lady-friend could have read my “journal” and smiled. God bless her, she acted upon my casual comment and sent liquid soap, Yardley “oatmeal & almond” bar soap and special tea. Forgive me: I mislabeled the gift item in the picture. Yes, Assam British favorites, 25 tea bags. Sincere thanks, Debra.

The next day and I found another package in my mailbox. The same dear friend sent a one-pound package of Hazelnut coffee. My very favorite specialty coffee!! Sincere thanks, Debra!!

One comment on “Precious gifts !!

  1. Deb says:

    You’re welcome. Usually when somebody calls me Debra, it means I’m i trouble. Glad this is because of good, lol!

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