Dirty job but somebody’s “old lady” gotta do it !!

I was desperate to find items randomly crammed into the storage unit (when the first cargo trailer load was unloaded on December 26th). I started moving things into the carport on Thursday, March 26th. Almost every day, I spent an hour or two on the “reorganize” project. I had planned to hire some strong young men to do the lifting but (respecting the President’s instructions) nobody available. This task was too strenuous for“this old lady”  but, by God’s grace, accomplished. Not a day too soon because more rain on-the-way. Our recent heavy rains crept into the carport and some of the boxes are wet and already show mold. The storage unit still needs a little more “TLC” but I can move around. While working on the project, I found many needed items (but not the Soft Soap [lol]). I borrowed the blog title from Mike Rowe. Here are comparison pictures.

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