Black History Month

On a TV program, the name of Ruby Bridges came up. She was a six-year-old black girl walking into the previously all-white William Frantz Elementary School. I wrote about the details in a blog message on August 16, 2017. This was the second time in sixteen days that Ruby Bridges and William Frantz came to my attention. I was contacted by a descendant of William Frantz seeking additional information. If the reader clicks the first link (above) it will take you to the blog message that required hours of research but has many frustrating links. I explained my frustration… and apologized to the descendant because I couldn’t supply information. (I don’t have a subscription to the Newspaper website. Money, money, money!!)

FYI: The contact came as a comment on an earlier blog message.

“Flooding in Danville, Virginia,”  mentioned on the early morning TV news. I spent a couple of weeks with “cousins” (in Danville) while doing Frantz family research (Frantz ancestors in Virginia). I think that was in 2003 and prior to my preparation of blog messages. I remember it fondly as a remarkable experience and worthy of a blog message but I haven’t enough hours in the day (lol).

On the off-chance I mentioned Daleville in an earlier blog message, I searched my earlier blogs. Yes, I had two earlier blogs prior to this one. Check In My Humble Opinion and Tab Teardrop Trailer Travels.

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