Tale of Two Knights

Just kidding (lol) because it’s a story about two nights. Night-before-last, I slept cold. Last night I awaken because I was too hot!! “Off” switch was pushed on the electric mattress pad; the goose down sleeping bag was quickly removed from the bed. To further complicate a good night’s sleep, a terrible cramp in my leg!! I take magnesium tablets to stave off leg cramps but “magnesium”  didn’t do its job? I’m wide awake and decided to prepare this message (at one in the morning). My “old” laptop computer, “old faithful” stopped working and I switched to the newer laptop (now that I have a large table to work on). I’m beginning to suspect my computer problems are a “router problem.” The local TV-WiFi service (recommended by my new neighbors) does not compare to the DISH-TV and Hughes WiFi I enjoyed previously. (I’ve called Spectrum several times about my TV reception.) ~~ I’m not complaining; I’m just documenting the events in my life twenty-five days after the relocation from Livingston to Waco.


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