Better sleep ?!


The air mattress is comfortable BUT “cold” underneith me. Gratefully, I found the electric mattress pad (in the storage building) and appreciate that I won’t sleep “cold” and uncomfortable again.


Somewhere in the storage building, I have blankets. When weather permits–and I have a hired helper–the storage building will be organized. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for the wonderful, extremely-warm goose-down sleeping bag. The fabric reminds me of silk or satin because it is so smooth. Hence, it easily slides off the bed. Therefore, “necessity is the mother of invention”  so  I created two weights. (FYI: An attractive RV sleeping bag remained in the 5th-wheel trailer because it “matched” the bedroom.)

The location of surplus bedding is still a mystery. I found the quilt that has sentimental value. My mother had a closet full of polyester dresses!! After she went to our Heavenly Home, I took the dresses to my Old German Baptist Brethren “cousins” in Modesto, California. Dear, dear family members lovingly prepared this quilt. My mother went to be with Jesus on 29 Sep 1994. After all these years, I can still “see” my mother in various dresses.

P.S.S.  I stand corrected: It is a “comforter” and not a quilt.

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