Praise report !!

Please allow me to sing praises for my new home. Although I am in an RV Park, my residence can be compared to a house or apartment. I have a flush toilet so no more “dumping” the black water tank on the trailer. I have a large side-by-side refrigerator-freezer and a washer and dryer. No more driving to the laundry room at Rainbow’s End because my landlady locked me out of the laundry room where I paid for the electricity. I haven’t heard a single negative comment about the exorbitant number lawn and garden paraphernalia. (My landlady cursed my plants and planters! Never a kind word out of her mouth.)  I have to pinch myself (occasionally) to verify that I am awake and not dreaming. ~~ I am assured there will be a helper when I need someone to help me reorganize the storage building. Sadly, I couldn’t hire help in Livingston, Texas. I would have paid generously for assistance!! ~~ Another thing I’m thankful for: There are two Panera within easy driving distance!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

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