Greetings from Ms. Dolittle

Yup, “do little.” Thousands of projects… and “the old lady” rests more than working. No twinges of conscience however because “she earned it” (rest). It was a stressful month (preparing for and accomplishing the move)! No pictures yet because I am using my second, newer computer because it has a better built-in WiFi antenna. Pictures, on the other hand, are uploaded to my old computer. I’ve highjacked someone else’s WiFi signal because they neglected to make their service password protected. My service will be installed on Thursday morning between ten and eleven o’clock.

If I had access to my clipart, I would have a picture of a man with a megaphone. Shout into a megaphone and you get everyone’s attention?! Well, I want to shout so everyone can hear this praise report: I have been getting ten, eleven, and twelve hours of sleep each night. It’s a miracle?

The folks here in this small RV Park are very friendly–and helpful. A young man carried my new (Best Buy) TV from the car to my living room. Also a chair I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The chair was originally priced at $79.99 and marked down several times to $10.99. A very heavy folding chair with a black metal framework and black padded back and seat. It matches my “easy chair” that is a black metal “glider” with black padded back and seat. (TV service will be installed [with WiFi] on Thursday morning.)

I could be preparing to walk about one-hundred steps to the clubhouse for coffee with other residents. I “could” but I’ll continue to write this blog message. Residents gather for coffee at eight o’clock. Yesterday, they told me which TV-WiFi company to use.

I finally ignored Amazon and went to Walmart (website) as I researched TVs, etc., etc. From Walmart, I went to Wayfair and ultimately ordered two items from them (first time  I’ve even visited their website). The purchase wouldn’t complete so I called and a nice lady helped me. With 20/20 hindsight I now know why I had a problem with a new TV provider and Wayfair. My Chase credit card was blocking the purchases because of my address change!! Hallelujah, their security is working very well!! (Amazon wouldn’t let me change my password so I couldn’t log-in so they missed the opportunity to get my money. Perhaps Amazon security is “too tight”?)

As the reader will see when I publish my pictures, the temperature begins with thirty degrees in the morning and reaches a very pleasant eighty-five degrees in the afternoon. I’ve enjoyed beautiful sunshiney days. Sometimes just sitting in my glider easy-chair, looking out the double sliding doors at the beautiful sunshine–and traffic on Highway 84. (I’m far enough away so the traffic is not annoying.)

**If** I had access to my clipart (lol), I would close with the image we used to see at the end of many movies: “That’s all folks.”

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