Woebegone !!

Yes, this old lady is “woebegone.”  She would prefer that woe be gone. Yesterday, without obvious reason, I was involuntarily crying while sleep-deprived and sitting in my easy chair. I didn’t even want to watch TV; I lack the desire to “climb the family tree.”  To ignore Ancestry.com is very, very unusual.

Reminder: This is my “journal.”  It’s important (to me) to document my day-to-day experiences. One year ago. Two years ago. Three years ago. Four years ago (long before I was evicted from the CARE Center). Sixty-seven years ago today, I married a man who later deserted the family and left me to raise three little boys alone. As I said in an earlier blog message Not a ‘pity party’–just retrospect.”

One comment on “Woebegone !!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    If there is an after-life, I’m gonna’ hunt that sob down, foul him up. Rope, long knife, can of gas.

    Tis moot, mother, in the generally accepted vernacular, call it what we may… we are here today. It’s a Zen thing, or naught, as it may, or may not, be; the trick in practicing to let go is not practicing.

    Just checking in, a bit concerned about the explosion at the chemical plant in East of you early yesterday – you don’t appear to be in any physical danger though if it is at all rainy or even foggy you should refrain from going outside. Wear a bandana for a day or two.

    These days are the worst – in the old days, I would drink. Cold salmon and cornbread here tonight.

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