Spending spree

Important to take a break from the computers and work on “donate and discard.”  Time to take the Love Package to the Post Office. ~~ Important to buy glue to repair the A/C grill. The trip to Walmart was expensive!! ~~ Important (despite fatigue and heat) to get some exercise.





Recently I commented about “glued to my chair”  (in front of the computers). Well, that was hyperbole. Tonight I have glue all over my fingertips!!

Six hours later and “the next day.” I decided it was better to get up and “do” rather than wide awake in bed.


3 comments on “Spending spree

  1. Jimmie says:

    When you come home from a donate and discard trip with more stuff than you left with…no wonder you’re not making progress!

    • Jimmie, I purchased food, and a charger for my “dumb phone” (because mine broke just before we were talking on the phone). The “totes with lids” will help me organize stuff I’m saving. I’m sorting… and lots going into the fire barrel or burn pile. Also bought toilet tissue, paper towels, and Kleenex so most of purchases will eventually be used. I’m not adding stuff!! I walked through the garden department and saw things I’d like but did not purchase. However, out of necessity, I bought a bag of Fire Ant killer.

  2. Deb says:

    By the way, if you ever need another AC filter, you can certainly order them as a part from the AC manufacturer. Lowe’s sells far cheaper filters that are very similar, made for a window AC unit. The one you have looks large, I don’t know if one would be large enough. I but them and cut them with scissors to the size I need.

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